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Consultancy Service Provides to Industry

Step Forward HR Placement (SFHRP) cover following industries to provide Consultancy services:

Aerospace & Defense

Aerospace and defense (A&D) companies build aircraft, ships, spacecraft, weapon systems, and defense equipment.

Automobile & Auto Components

The different pieces of a car, which are manufactured separately and used to build or repair cars

Consumer Durables & Building Materials

It is this highly competitive environment and fast pace of innovation that positions the Consumer Durables & Building Materials industry hiring most innovative.


Development is a process that ensures good quality of life to all the people in terms of happiness, harmony and satisfaction of essential needs.


Education is a purposeful activity directed at achieving certain aims, such as transmitting knowledge or fostering skills and character traits.

Electrical & Electronics

Electrical devices convert electrical energy into other forms of energy, for example heat, light or sound.

Financial Services

Financial Services covers the functioning of Banks, Financial Institutions, Insurance Companies and the National Pension System.


Key Takeaways. Fast-moving consumer goods are nondurable products that sell quickly at relatively low cost.


Healthcare is the improvement of health via the prevention, diagnosis, treatment, amelioration or cure of disease, illness, injury, and other physical and mental impairments in people.


Industrial services are related to industrial manufacturing, engineering, construction, building maintenance, and shipping.


Infrastructure is defined as the basic physical systems of a business, region, or nation and often involves the production of public goods or production processes.


The Internet is a global network that comprises many voluntarily interconnected autonomous networks. It operates without a central governing body.


Logistics describes the process of coordinating and moving resources—people, materials, inventory, and equipment—from one location to storage at the desired destination.

Metals, Minerals And Mining

The metals and mining sector is the industry dedicated to the location and extraction of metal and mineral reserves around the world.

Media & Entertainment

These segments include movies, TV shows, radio shows, news, music, newspapers, magazines, and books.

Oil & Gas

Oil and natural gas are formed from decaying plant and animal remains that became buried within layers of the earth and subjected to heat and pressure over millions of years.

Outsourcing & Off shoring

Outsourcing is when a company negotiates a contract with a third party to perform a specific function.

Pharma, Life sciences, Devices & Diagnostics

The Pharmaceuticals industry is often considered a Life Science industry with its focus on the development, creation, and distribution of medications to aid the health of living things.


power implies possession of ability to wield force, authority, or influence. the power to mold public opinion.


Retailers are in the business of buying goods from wholesalers, manufacturers, or other retailers and then selling them to consumers for a profit.

Real Estate

Real estate is real property that consists of land and improvements, which include buildings, fixtures, roads, structures, and utility systems.


Technology is the application of scientific knowledge to the practical aims of human life or, as it is sometimes phrased, to the change and manipulation of the human environment.


Telecommunications, also known as telecom, is the exchange of information over significant distances by electronic means and refers to all types of voice, data and video transmission.

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